Durco FO

It is a perfect product to repair all types of defects of any type and size. It spreads very easily. It is a two component product. 1.3 kg. of pasta and 30 gr. hardener tube.

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Durco FO is used to correct porosities and cavities in all types of model parts and foundry dies of both iron and steel. It is a perfect product for repairs of small, medium or large size. It has a good metallic finish.

Take the amount of pasta you want to apply from the can. Add a small amount of hardener and spread over the defects to be repaired with the help of a spatula. Once the desired thickness has been achieved, let it dry. Once dry, it can be sanded both manually and with a machine.

Drying time: From 20 to 25 minutes.

  • Two-component.
  • Metallic finishing.
  • Good adhesion.
  • Good hardness.
  • Short drying time: 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Can be painted over once dry without problems.
  • Easily sanding.
  • Machineable.
  • Thermal resistance: 120ºC.

Storage time: 12 months.
Packaging: 1,3 kg. paste can + 30 gr. hardener tube.

SKU: durco-fo